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Nature Naturals supports everyone who is interested in living healthier.


When Mark and Randy contacted me to help them with their new venture, I was excited. Their Idea was simple: help people feel better. Simply put, N&N supports everyone who is interested in living healthier. They offer an educational platform and also provide you with all the tools necessary to stay motivated and on the top of your health game.


The "design funnel" approach starts with defining a visual positioning, preparing mood boards, and all other exploration and preparation work. When it's done and everything looks correct from a positioning and marketing perspective, I start going into production.

The Logo

Step 1. Different sketches are produced with different levels of fidelity. The goal is simple: Discover the perfect form.

Step 2. After establishing a direction we reach a refinement process. At this stage, the logo is brought to perfection. The beauty of a mark derives from the simplest of shapes. I decided to go with a beautiful Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio that is found in nature.

A pinch of color. A pinch of life.

Earthy colors where chosen to complement the brand and evoke a tone of cleanliness and health.

Reach out.

A good brand captivates and makes a person look twice making him wonder. We added a human element that communicates wellbeing and a holistic lifestyle.

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In the city of Pittsburgh

Nature Naturals is based in Pittsburgh in the kind neighborhood of Mr. Rogers. The goal was to beautify the city scaping by bringing color and life to the pale and cold walls of the buildings.


It was a pleasure working on a project that helps and cares for the wellbeing of others. We are all living busy lives. I hope that the beauty of art and its message will reach the heart and motivate, inspire, and do good.

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