A visual communicator raised in Chisinau, New York City, and Indiana. Today I am based in Moldova (the least visited country in Europe), where I have my design business.

During these 10+ years, I have had the opportunity of working with clients such as Baxter, Zktechnology and Simsrecycling.

I find inspiration in people's thinking, struggles, successes, and art.

"A terrific listener with an appetite for excellence."
- Dennis Mcmahon | Fdr and Brand Strategist @hyfyve


Startups bring me on board as a Brand and UX designer partner (buddy) to collaborate, strategize, and conceptualize bringing their vision and product (web app) ideas to life.

"Calin is far more than a UX designer. His creativity to take what I was thinking and convert it into something pinpoint accurate, often on the first try...was epic."
- Jim Schimpf | CEO @chattr.ai


I believe in hard work. I believe in teamwork. I believe in empathy. I believe in simplicity. I believe in beauty. I believe in change. I believe in the future.

"So long as you can sweeten another's pain, life is not in vain."
- Helen Keller