Brand Identity

An introductuion to the world of Crypto.


Crypto!!! Everyone is talking about it. One day I got a message from Steve asking me if I could help his business bring a new cryptocurrency to the market. I hesitated as I explained that I didn't know much about the field, but I was curious. I was asked to help create the Brand Identity and Web Design. This project became my introduction to the world of Crypto.

The Challenge:

There are more than 19,000 cryptocurrencies in existence. With hundreds of cryptocurrencies coming to the market daily, a need for a distinctive identity arose. We looked to the market to see what was out there. After a couple of calls, we decided on the visual direction.

“When you think about the blockchains…there probably won’t be hundreds of different blockchains in 10 years. I think there’ll be a couple of clear winners for different kinds of applications. And we’ll see the market…sort that out over time.”
- Brett Harrison | CEO of FTX US

Constructing The Mark.

It had to be eye popping, modern and futuristic. It had show movement. It had be recongnizable.

The Final Mark: "E meets Coin" floating in space.

Colors in Space

This is all about spcae and the future. Contrast, Gradients and vibramcy. To infinity and beyond!

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